April 23, 2011

Little Help - April Art Contest

I hope to have an actual, eggster-appropriate entry ready for you few-but-mighty readers before the end of this weekend, but also to be done before the end of this weekend is the entering of a painting in this month's Faces of Pearl Art Contest on Facebook.  It will be my second time entering and hopefully not my second time not winning, although that seems rather likely.  Like most contests open to public and repeat voting, I am no where near popular enough to win such a thing.  And yet, I carry on, paint on, and enter on... hoping one day to win a $100.00 gift certificate (or even the $50.00 or $25.00 one) for the purpose of refilling my watercolor half pans and perhaps buying some of those really nice brushes, the kind I could never justify buying now or ever before in the past-- unless it's one of those trips where your grandma takes you shopping and tells you that you can pick out anything you want because she's so proud of you and she wants a pretty painting for her kitchen, so you think about getting a few new filberts, and a beautiful fan brush, or maybe some of those super detail bushes with a handle that feels like butter and yet never slips from your hold, but you feel overwhelmed and guilty for what a spoiled grandchild you are, and so you eventually chicken out and just get pocket sketchbook....

What was I talking about?  Oh right, so I need some help choosing a painting.  If any of you, my faithful and cherished readers, have a preference from the small selection below, please drop a comment to help select an entry.  It must be uploaded by 24th, so my apologies for the last minuteness.

Thanks to everyone who offers their input or simply continues to read this thing.

Tea Thief Toad

Bottles on Windowsill

Grackle by Water


Bee on Hyacinth

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