August 12, 2011

Rosemarsh Sale!

From August 15th through September 15th, use this coupon code: MARSH01 to get 15% off anything in the Rosemarsh Etsy shop

For those of you who've never attempted to sell on Etsy, or if you're one of those incomparable sellers who has never had an item sit in your store for more than four months, you may not be aware of Etsy's relisting/renewing racket.  The folks over at Esty Bitch and Surviving the Etsy Madness do a better job of explaining it than I could.  I also don't want to use this blog to become too outspoken on Etsy... yet;  not when I'm still connecting with wonderful fellow artists and artisans, who like Jane Sloss, I'd love to feature and promote in the near future.  Alienating them is the last thing I want to do.

While the relisting and renewing cost can payoff for some sellers by bumping them to the front of a search listing, I've found paintings are far too subjective to really benefit from a keyword search, at least not in the way items such as jewelry and handcrafts would.  Even if you're at the top of the list for your subject matter, there's too much make-or-break in the old personal taste factor. And frankly, Etsy just isn't that great a marketplace for original artwork.  I believe there are better venues out there but sadly they don't get the buyer traffic.

Rather than pay Etsy to do nothing more than it's done for me for another four months, which is collect several fees for actually managing to sell something that is not a disassembled typewriter or scarf worn by a Brooklynite who appears to be suffering from malnutrition, I'm going to pass lost profitability onto actual people.

Offering this discount gives me a chance to break just a little less than even on these paintings, prints and cards.  It gives me a change to produce more, and better, work by providing me with just enough overhead and motivation to produce new stuff.  Most importantly, it means my work might hang in someone's space and serve some small positive purpose, rather than sit so I can pay Etsy yet another quarterly fee for doing nothing in return.

So starting Monday, take advantage of the markdown. If you've had your eye on any Rosemarsh pieces, I thank you sincerely for your interest alone.  Believe me, I know how tight money is for all of us, but that's just another reason to drop a hint, bat your eyelashes and share link with someone who owes you a nice gift.  I don't think it's specified in my store policy, but at this point, I will gift wrap by request!

That's enough icky business talk for one day.  To close, here are my top five art-centric Kids in the Hall sketches. Enjoy!

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