December 11, 2015

Knit A Mushroom Sprite - Free Pattern

I'm trying to get a couple new patterns out before the new year. I don't really count this one among them since it is a pretty apparent inception of the puffball inspired fungisprite. Though, apparent as it is, it sure took me long enough to get the damn thing on the blog, but gimme a break people, it's gift season and my hands hurt.

Anyway, if you're going to make a knitting pattern based on a type of fungus, there's a more obvious route to take and I've gone ahead and done that with this one.

The mushroom sprite, duh.

If you want to make a friend for your fungisprite or you think this design somehow makes more sense, just follow the pattern below. As with the fungisprite, you're more than welcome to throw a little support my way and get a portable, presentable PDF download of the mushroom sprite pattern. Many thanks to anyone who decides to do so.

"You're a real fungi!"
 "You're terrible. Don't touch my leaf."

And again, if you make one and send me a photo in the comments, I'll email you the pattern of your choice for free!

Ready? Mush!

Yarn and Needles: To make your mushroom sprite teeny, tiny (about 1.5" high) use Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread Fashion 10 on four U.S. size 00 (1.75mm) double pointed needles (dpns). Be warned, it's a super thin and finicky combo, so I can understand if want to scale that up a bit. Fashion 3 and size 1 (2.25 mm) work well too but you can use any type of yarn and appropriately sized needles.  You’ll need a main color for the body and a contrasting color to make the mushroom cap.

Extras: Batting, safety eyes, tapestry needle for assembly. Beads, buttons, or embroidery can be used in place of safety eyes.

Gauge: Pfftt…gauge.

 Cast On (CO)
 Knit (K)
 Purl (P)
 Knit Front and Back (Kfb)
 Knit Two Together (K2tog)
Bind Off

The mushroom sprite is made in separate portions: the body, the mushroom cap, feet and arms--as you can see from this dismembered fellow in the photo.

Total stiches are indicated within ( ) after increase and decrease rows/rounds. Stitches to be repeated are indicated within [ ].


With your main color, CO 6 stitches (sts). Leave a long tail, which will later come into use during assembly. Knit-in-the-round as follows:

 Round 1: K1, [Kfb] 5 times (11 sts)
 Round 2: [K1, Kfb] 5 times, K1 (16 sts)
 Round 3: [K2, Kfb] 5 times, Kfb (22 sts)
 Round 4: [K1, Kfb] 11 times (33 sts)
 Round 5: [K5, Kfb] 5 times, K3 (38 sts)
 Rounds 6 - 13: K all sts
 Round 14: [K3, K2tog] 6 times, K1, K2tog (30 sts)
 Rounds 15 – 16: K all sts
 Round 17: [K2, K2tog] 7 times, K2tog (22 sts)
 Rounds 18 - 19: K all sts
 Round 20: [K2, K2tog] 5 times, K2tog (16 sts)
 Rounds 21 - 24: K all sts
 Round 25: [K1, Kfb] 8 times (24 sts)
 Round 26: [K3, Kfb] 6 times (30 sts)

Bind off.

Mushroom Cap

With contrasting color, CO 6 sts and knit-in-the-round as follows:

 Round 1: Kfb in every st. (12 sts)
 Round 2: [K1, Kfb] 6 times (18 sts)
 Round 3: [K2, Kfb] 6 times (24 sts)
 Round 4: [K3, Kfb] 6 times (30 sts)
Round 5: [K4, Kfb] 6 times (36 sts)
 Rounds 6 - 7: K all sts.

Bind off, leaving a long tail for the assembly portion.

If you're using safety eyes, pop those suckers in now.  Stuff the body of your mushroom sprite so it’s plump but not overstuffed. It should be slightly squishy.

Attach the outer edge of the mushroom cap to the bind-off edge of the body using the tail from the cap. When roughly three quarters of the cap has been attached, add just a bit more stuffing so your mushroom cap forms a slight dome. Finish stitching the cap to the body. Knot to secure and weave in remaining yarn.

No! My brains!

Using a sharp tapestry needle, draw the long tail from the body’s bottom center to the back of the upper body to just below the mushroom cap.  

Pull the yarn so the bottom becomes slightly concave. This helps with stability. Secure with a single knot the lies between the stitch rows. Trim the tail as needed and weave in remaining yarn. Now move on to the….


Using the main color, CO 4 sts. Knit straight the following rows:

 Row 1: K1, Kfb twice, K1 (6 sts)
 Row 2: P all sts.
 Row 3: K all sts.
 Rows 4 – 10: Continue in stockinette stitch (P even rows, K odd rows)
 Row 11: K1, K2tog twice, K1 (4 sts)
Bind off

Fold foot in half and stitch around edge like so:

Repeat to make second foot.  Then make a couple of...


Using main color, CO 5 sts. Leave a long tail to later attach to body.

Knit as an i-cord for 5 rows.

To end, draw yarn through all sts. Repeat to make second arm.


Attach feet to the bottom of the mushroom sprite at desired width.

Attach CO edge of arms to desired spot on body.  

Share your results and thoughts in the comments and have fun spreading your fungus!  


  1. I love this pattern! I made it for my son, who love mushrooms and fungi, and he thought it was the cutest.
    It was really easy to make, I made it up in a few hours :)

    I tried adding a picture to my comments, but I couldn't get it to work. I did manage to get a link to my picture though xD!AnJSqd6BO8LKgo1MljkK9C_-g5XIRg

    1. Oh! I love your choice of colors!

      Thank you for your kind response. I'm so glad your son enjoyed the results.

      Please send an email to and let me know if you'd like a songbird, cardinal, or sprout pattern. :-)